Sky360 Engineering

Expertise you can rely on


Sky360 Engineering is a premium Engineering and Technical services provider in Cyprus.

We are a small team of experts specializing in the maintenance of complex and integrated systems. We provide maintenance of electrical/electronic/mechanical mission-critical systems.


As a dedicated group of experts, we are are experienced in managing and executing large maintenance projects

Managing complex projects

Our core competency is the large-scale maintenance project management

Maintenance of integrated systems

Our experts have a long history of maintaining several mission-critical integrated systems, with a narrow focus on extreme availability

Tailored offerings

Each integrated system is unique, and so are our customers. We are very cognizant of this, and so no two support contracts are ever the same.

Top of class services

With our very long experience, our dogged determination to keep even the most complex systems running, and our mantra of keeping all systems up, at all times, we offer unique, customer-centric, top-of-class, engineering and technical services


How to keep complex systems going

We strive to provide the best service for our customers by focusing on our operational principles:


Our experts deliver best in class maintenance services. Our rigorous processes safeguard the quality of our services, our customer’s systems, and their availability.


We greatly value our customer’s need for privacy and take many steps to safeguard the confidentiality and security of our customer’s systems and infrastructure.


We believe that standards are a great resource in our constant effort to improve our offerings and deliver ever-greater value to our customers.


To keep up with our customer’s growing requirements, we always keep our personnel trained in the latest technologies and best practices.

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